Norwich Trust is a direct lender of personal unsecured loans exclusively for homeowners.

We are part of the Norfolk Capital group of companies, which has over 30 years of experience providing loans to those with a less-than-perfect credit history who struggle to obtain credit through high street lenders. We pride ourselves on being a responsible lender by completing thorough affordability assessments on each individual application.

We are a direct lender not a broker and there are no fees to pay when applying for a loan with Norwich Trust.

Our underwriters handle your application from start to finish and keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Our manual approach to assessing applications means we’re able to consider all financial circumstances including past credit problems like CCJs and defaults, that other lenders may simply decline.

What is in a name?

We’re proud to be a Norwich-based company, living and working in the heart of beautiful Norfolk so we honoured the fine city by including it in our name.

Though we’re not a Trust in the investment sense, we wanted to express our years of expertise and knowledge in the finance industry as well as the trust we have built between ourselves and our customers – so Norwich Trust was born.

Our values


We expect everyone who works for us to act with unyielding integrity in everything they do. In short, we do what we say. We walk the talk. We do not accept in any circumstances a nod or a wink or turning a blind eye. We know where our moral compass takes us and we follow that route without compromise.


We expect everyone who works for us to tell the truth and act honestly in all their dealings with each other and every client, partner and supplier. In short, we say what we do. Even if we know it will be painful to admit to failings or shortcomings. We always say it as it is.


We treat everyone who works for us as equal irrespective of age, gender, race, sexuality, ability or anything else. That means equality of opportunity, equality of care and equality of voice. Our group is built on a team ethos that recognises the value of the contribution of everyone on the team. The only hierarchy is that of the quality of the idea. The best idea always wins, whoever thinks of it.


We treat our colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers fairly in all our dealings with them. We don’t seek to take unfair advantage, or exploit our position. We want the balance in every relationship to be mutually satisfactory. We want all relationships to be based on mutual benefit and a fair distribution and allocation of the rewards.

Openness and Transparency

We will be open and transparent in all communication, both internally and externally, with all stakeholders, including third parties. As appropriate and fair, we will share good ideas far and wide within the group.   Withholding and restricting information is a weakness in management – not a strength.


We carry out our business in a humble manner. We don’t need the recognition of our peers and the market. We will let the quality of what we do, the strength of our values and the feedback from our people and clients speak for us.


We are here to serve our customers to the best of our ability and recognise that, if we add value and provide great service, we will lay the foundations of a successful business. Much is written about customer service. Little is understood.  We understand that great service is the root of our model.


We want our people, our clients and our partners and suppliers to trust us. For our people, we want to offer them sustainable careers, knowing that they work for a group that cares and that we will put them first. For our clients, we want them to know that they can trust the advice and products we offer on an unconditional basis.  For our partners and suppliers we want them to see us as trusted colleagues who work tirelessly to deliver mutually beneficial success.