Representative Example: £11,500 over 66 months, 31.9% APR fixed. Monthly payment £343.29 Annual interest rate 28.01% fixed. Interest payable £11,157.14. Total repayable £22,657.14.

Minimum repayment period: 36 months. Maximum repayment period: 120 months. Maximum APR 34.9%.

What is the longest term loan you can get?

The maximum loan term we offer is ten years. A longer repayment term generally means the monthly repayments are lower, however the longer the loan term, the more you will pay back in total. You can use our loan calculator to find out how much a long-term loan will cost you.  

Who can apply for a long term loan?

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  • Age

    Between the ages of 21 and 71 (at the end of the loan term)

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  • Location

    A resident and residential property owner in England, Scotland or Wales

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  • Employment

    Earn at least £1,300 per month, or £1800 if you’re under 30 years of age, from employed work, retirement funds or certain benefits.

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  • Credit History

    Not currently, or in the last 12 months been subject to an IVA, DMP or Trust Deed.

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  • Financial Status

    Must not currently be bankrupt or have been discharged from bankruptcy in the last 3 years.

Frequently asked questions about Long Term loans

Yes, long term unsecured loans can be used for debt consolidation. Those who have a large amount of debt might find that consolidating with a personal loan will make their monthly payments more manageable, though it may also increase the total amount repayable. 

Long term loans can be used for larger purchases such as home improvements, a vehicle purchase, and debt consolidation or for educational costs.

Yes, you can start your online application by clicking the apply button at the top of this page. Just complete a few details on our online form to find out if you meet our lending criteria in just a few short minutes.

Yes. All of our loans offer a fixed rate APR. This means your repayments won’t change through the term of the loan so you’ll always know how much you have to pay.

Yes, even if you’ve had credit problems in the past you can still apply for a long-term loan with Norwich Trust. Our rates are based on the loan amount, not your credit score.

Yes, Norwich Trust loans are exclusively for homeowners, however, they’re not secured against your home. If you’re looking to borrow for home improvements such as an extension or conservatory or to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, we could help.