Representative Example: £11,500 over 66 months, 31.9% APR fixed. Monthly payment £343.29 Annual interest rate 28.01% fixed. Interest payable £11,157.14. Total repayable £22,657.14.

Minimum repayment period: 36 months. Maximum repayment period: 120 months. Maximum APR 34.9%.

Borrow without the risk

Norwich Trust loans give homeowners like you, access to the funds you need without using your home as security.

Our unsecured loans are a alternative for those who are not eligible for a secured loan. They’re also suitable for those who don’t wish to use their property as security, don’t want to pay any fees as well as those who don’t want to wait several weeks for funds.

No upfront fees to pay

We don’t charge any fees for applying or taking out a loan with us.

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Enquiring won’t harm your credit score

We only run a soft credit search when you enquire about a loan which won’t impact your credit rating.

Fixed rates to help you budget

Our fixed rate APR means your repayments won’t change through the term of the loan.

Apply online

Complete our short form to see if you qualify in just a few minutes, without affecting your credit score.

Unsecured Personal Loan Criteria

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You must be aged at least 21 at the start and under 71 at the end of the loan term.

You must currently live in England, Scotland or Wales for at least the last two years.

You must have a monthly take-home income (after tax) of at least £1,300 or at least £1,800 if you are under 30 years of age to be eligible. This can be from employed work, subcontracted work, retirement funds, certain benefits or a combination of these.

You must own a residential property in England, Scotland or Wales. To be classed as a homeowner, you’ll need to be named on the deeds of the property.

Any questions?

We hope you'll find the answers to all of your questions here, if not just give our friendly team a call on 01603 801 910.

When you apply we'll only conduct a soft credit search which won't affect your credit rating. This type of search is only visible to you on your credit file, other lenders will not be able to see this. If we pay out a loan, we will report this to the credit references agencies and this will be visible to other lenders. Taking out new loans may have an impact on your credit rating.

No, we’re a direct loan lender. We work with a number of introducing brokers who are paid a commission or a fee by Norwich Trust to cover their costs. You can find details of any commission paid in the loan agreement. Norwich Trust brokers will not charge customers upfront (payable in advance of getting a loan) broker fees under any circumstances.

If a broker has charged you a fee, we would like to know – even if the loan does not complete.

Open banking allows you to safely and securely share your financial data, such as income and outgoings, with regulated financial service providers.

Having access to this information will allow us to assess your financial situation and make a decision about your loan.

Read more on our Open Banking page.

Yes, we need to speak with you over the phone in English and you need to be in a position to read the loan agreement and supporting documents which are also in English, to ensure that you fully understand the contract you are entering into.

On average, we take 2-3 working days to pay out a loan.

The initial online application can take as little as a few minutes. We’ll then need to assess your financial situation via Open Banking by examining your income and outgoings. We’ll also need to speak to you to discuss your circumstances, make sure you are happy with the loan, and that the monthly repayments are affordable.

You may need to send us a few supporting documents which could include:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of identification

Yes. At any stage of the loan application process, you can change your mind. You will not incur any costs.
Once the loan has been paid out, you can withdraw from the agreement by letting us know within 14 days (beginning the day after we transferred the money to your account). You will then need to return all of the funds advanced (the total amount borrowed) to us within 30 days of giving notice of withdrawal.

This must be paid to us by cheque, bank transfer or debit card. Full terms and conditions are provided in the loan agreement.

Yes, but this isn’t limited to mortgage holders. If you own your property outright we can still help. We can also accept those with a buy-to-let property, as long as it is located in England, Scotland or Wales.

Please note, you must be named on the deeds of the property to be classed as a homeowner.

Our rates are based on the loan and term, rather than on a person’s credit score. This means that the rate you see on the calculator when you apply, will be the rate you get.